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Silver Standrad

We ensure smooth functioning of the elevator by providing Ten number of Routine Maintenance, one number of Preventive Maintenance and yearly once Health check-up

This policy provides for Standard maintenance coverage including health check-up once in a year, Cleaning, Lubrication, adjusting, testing and attending breakdown of the elevator.
This Policy does all the repairs & replacement of elevator parts with proper intimation which will be charged extra as applicable 


Call Back Intervention

Immediate response in case of issues incl. release of entrapped passengers. 24/7 with the all Policy.


Routine Maintenance

Regular on-site inspections incl. basic maintenance work.


Health Check-up

Remote status checks incl. reports and notification in case of detected irregularities.


Technical Support 

Hotline support and training of on-site equipment responsible.


Customer Training Programme 

Safety Awareness Program for elevators as well as the building emergency situation


Office No 67, Vindya Commercial Complex, Sector 11, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400614


Phone: 022-49741444